1) Mendel university accommodation facilities

Mendel university in Brno offers three different dormitories around the area of venue (see the map bellow). For booking use contacts in the links bellow.

Please, if you would like to stay in Mendel university accommodation facilities make your booking as soon as possible.

*** If you choose the Mendel University accommodation facilities, please, make sure you mention in your e-mail subject “Accommodation order — Eurodendro 2019” ***


Price categories


(without breakfast)


(breakfast incl.)

I. category (rectors’ and similar rooms with TV)

500,- CZK

610,- CZK

II. category (cell system, priv. WC + bathroom)

310,- CZK

420,- CZK

III. category (shared WC + bathroom)

220,- CZK

330,- CZK

Prices (in Czech crowns) are quoted per bed and night.


category availability

Academy Hall

J. A. Komenský Hall

J. Taufer Hall

I. category

II. category

III. category



2) Hotels close to venue



If you are not satisfied with suggested options, book your accommodation in Brno using your favourite online booking site (e.g., or